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Nebraska was once considered a part of the Great American Desert until the pioneers, hunters and homesteaders came west. Today, Nebraska is the leading farming and ranching state due to the greater vision of those thousands of men and women who treaded its soil to change their future.

About the Nebraska Genealogy

NebraskaGenealogy.org is a place to study and reminisce of its own Nebraskan prosperous history. Today's family genealogy and history have become more of enrichment to an individual life whenever he or she sought after its own personal family history. Oftentimes, these individuals will research their family history because of a dire need to know past family medical facts to own personal health issues; others would gain peace of mind learning of their history, or like many, they're just plain and simple---they're curious as to who they are.

NebraskaGenealogy.org hoped to develop this site as a place to preserve a free recordkeeping reservation for genealogical and historical informants of Nebraska. As a beginner of your own personal family history, you must start at home and gather as many resourceful records to begin your family tree.

Family Resources

First, start with your immediate family to collect information when you begin to research your own genealogy. In the family homes, attics, basements, and other places in the house, often yield great treasures of data and photographs. Old family bibles would have some of the missing links of dates and documents. In the midst of digging in the attics or basements, you'll find birth certificate, death certificates, marriage licenses and other important documents containing names and dates. These things will be a starting point of your family tree.

Government Records

Next, when you have exhausted your family resources, you can expand your research by seeking after public records that the government gathered for various purposes. However, it is accessible to any personal family researcher to expand upon his or her own family tree. There are many localities from local- to state-level that maintain databases of criminal and civic records, including property deeds, arrest warrants, birth certificates and others informative records that is invaluable during your research. Look for these various types of government records as you complete your family tree. Beware that not all records attainable, for example, adoption records. Some of these records may be sealed or inaccessible; nevertheless, it doesn't mean it is unattainable for further information.

Online Resources

Since the introduction of Internet in the late 1990s, genealogy has been a hot topic on the net. An individual will learn quickly he or she isn't alone in their family history research. In fact, the greatest resources available today on the Internet came are from other researcher like you. There are many resourceful ways to connect or re-connect when family members grew apart. Many sites will provide an easy-to-use online family tree maker to allow others to view or connect to your family tree. Ancestry.com, Footnotes.com, Familysearch.org, and many more websites similar to these are available to researcher to use to expand beyond the simple family tree they've started. Then, there are other online resources, such as our website, NebraskaGenealogy.org available free-to-use resources that were submitted by other patrons.

Create Your Own Web Site

Don't stop there!!! Take all of your available resources you have gathered from old family memorabilia or government records and create your own website. Create a website to serve as a personal headquarter for your personal family history research. This is a great resource to put your own personal contact information and a family tree so that others have the ability to share more information with you. There are many available resources to put your family history online for free.

Making Contacts

Finally, join the genealogical social network to contact or re-connect with family members by pooling together more information collectively to share with extended family. Since the Internet, those old dusty telephone books became obsolete; online telephone directories another great resource of information to contact others.

We hope that our website will serve our patron faithfully by providing as much available resources of Nebraska history free of use for your personal family history. If you wish to join our collection of volunteers, please contact our webmaster to see about your interest in helping keep our genealogical and historical records free to our patrons.