Morrill County Lookups

Morrill County Lookups

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Bayard Centennial Book

(No Volunteer)

Bayard City Cemetery Census
1886 - 1980
Complied By Rebecca Winters Genealogical Society

Brenda Suhr or
West Nebraska Family Research & History Center (WNFRHC)
will be glad to do lookup for
Bayard Cemetery
Upon Request they will email photograph

Morrill Co. Atlas Index of 1913
View HERE for the name index of what photos are listed.
If you are interested in any of the photos, email Lois Fairfield and let her know
what photos you would like to have.

In the Shadow of Chimney Rock
by Leon A Moomaw - Published 1966.
This book contains the names of many early settlers and a little commentary about them.

Pioneer Tales of Nebraska Panhandle
by A. B. Wood - Published 1938.
This book contains articles written by Wood and other area residents about early life in western Nebraska.

Morrill County 1910 - 1930 U.S. Census

"A Century or Two Ago"
by the Bridgeport Lions Club, 1876-1902
View HERE for the name index of this book.

Bridgeport Cemetery Files

Mortuary Records
Complied by Rebecca Winters Genealogical Society

List of German from Russia - 1920 U.S. Census

Morrill Co. Archives

List of Graduates for Class of 1927 - Bridgeport High School

Morrill Co. Archives

If you own any History Book or other resource related to Morrill County, please offer lookups

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Other Query Resources

Some phone numbers that could be helpful for your genealogical research:

Bridgeport City Clerk: (308) 262-1623
County Clerk: (308) 262-0860
Bridgeport News-Blade - 801 Main Street, Bridgeport, NE, 69336
         Phone: 308-262-0675 Fax: 308-262-0675
Bayard City Clerk: (308) 586-1121
Bayard Public Library: (308)586-1144
Bayard Transcript - 336 Main Street, Bayard, NE 69334
         Phone: (308) 586-1313

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