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1890 - Business Directory

1890 Business & Farmer Directory


FOR 1890-1891


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Rock County's Businesses


BASSETT is the county seat of rock County, and has a population of 350. It is on the line of the F.E. & M.V.R.R., 49 miles northwest from O'Neill and nine miles east of Long Pine, in the midst of a richly cultivated farming country.


Republican Herald, Weltse & Berry, props.
County Bugle, R. Mays, editor



Adams & Sageser, genl mdse.
Bassett House, Mrs N. J. Martin prop.
Bixby, A. Mrs, millinery
Bucklew, W. D., sta, tel and ex agt.
Cassell, J. M. & Son, hardware
Church, S. Mrs, restaurant
Coleman, F. G., flour, feed
Crowley, D., postmaster, justice and notary
Cushman Bros, attorneys
Eastman, N. P., blacksmith
Exchange Bank, A. E. Bowring cashier
Freeman, K. E. Mrs, millinery
Frizell, E. H., wagon maker
Higgins, A. O., barber
Holmes & Co., real estate
Holmes & Garlin, attorneys at law
Hudlow, George, house painter
Humphreys, J. E., barber
Johnson, W., prop Valley House
Laekoff, F. J., saloon
Lee, George, livery
Likens, J. D., meat market
Loomis Bros., livery
McBurney, J. E., lumber
Madison, H. B., attorney
Martin, N. J., prop Bassett House
Miller, U. S., hardware
Morgan, Fred N., real estate
Pudgeford, C., plasterer
Rock County Bank, G. A. Hillburg cashier
Schultz, C., harnessmaker
Stockwell, C. F., drugs
Tingle, A. H., attorney
Warner, C. J., drugs
Webster, A. A., physician
Young, Charles, genl mdse

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CUBA, a post office in the extreme northwestern part of Rock county on the Niobrara river, about 10 miles northwest from Bassett, the county seat.

page 145


DUFF, a post office in the southern part of Rock county, about 35 miles south of Bassett.

*Shackleford, A. C., postmaster, blacksmith.

page 211


HAMMOND, a post office in the eastern part of Rock county, 20 miles south of Newport, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R.

Gammon, C., justice.
Miller B, blacksmith.
Scott Evans, blacksmith, postmaster.

page 238


INGALLSTON, a farm house post office in the southern part of Rock county about 20 miles south of Bassett the county seat.

McCabe, James, postmaster

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KIRKWOOD, a post office located in the extreme northeastern part of Rock county, 14 miles from the county seat, Bassett.

Artee, Chas., flouring mill.
Duncan, C. A., justice.
Felton, A. G., postmaster.
Scott, J. H. & C. M., genl mdse.
Scott, John, blacksmith.

page 289


MARIAVILLE, a postoffice in the northern part of Rock county, about 12 miles from Bassett, the county seat.

Arnes, Tyrus, blacksmith
Arter, Chas., flour mill
Peacock, David, blacksmith
Peacock, Thos., postmaster
Rugg, Wm. F., justice
Taylor, B. F. Mrs., dressmaker
Wiltse, Edward, drugs

page 312


NEWPORT has a population of 225, and is in the eastern part of Rock county, on the line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 20 miles east of Long Pine. A geneal business is tranacted and considerable grain and other farm products are shipped from Here. The Newport creamery contributes to the business interests of the town. The Pacific House is the principal hotel. The Advocate, published by Willis Hudspeth, is a well managed newspaper. The Methodist is the only church here.

Advocate (The), Willis Hudspeth, pub.
Beach, B. F., drayman.
Brant, G. P., shoemaker.
Cole, C. D., prop Pacific House, livery.
Cole, M. A., genl mdse.
Davenport, J. H., notary, postmaster.
Elwell, J. H., attorney.
Frizelle, Edward, blacksmith.
Gunke, Charles J., meat market.
Holtfoerster, G. J., physician.
Hudspeth, Willis, pub The Advocate, justice of the peace.
Hytrek, S., flour and feed.
Johnson, Peter, blacksmith.
McLeod, Edward, sta, tel and ex agt.
Newport Creamery Assn, butter mfrs
Pacific House, C D Cole prop.
Powell, A. C., genl mdse.
Saterlee, George & Co, genl mdse.
Smith Bros, hardware, agl implts.
Sprague, M. A. Mrs., millinery.

page 446


PERCH, a post office near the central part of Rock county about 14 miles south of Bassett, the county seat and has a population of 60.

page 503


SPRAGG, a post office in the southwestern part of Rock county.

Hornberger, E. A., postmaster.
Juanaschek, John, blacksmith.
Miller, O. Mrs., dressmaker.
Spragg, Geo., justice.
White, A. B., blacksmith.

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THURMAN, a rural postoffice in the center of Rock county, and about 15 miles south of Bassett, the county seat. Population, 10.

Jaycox, A. M., postmaster, justice.

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