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General Local News

Rock County Newspapers
General Local News

Thanks to Bev. Hopkins for taking the time to transcribed these newspapers.




W. H. Allen learned the sad news of the death of his sister, Mrs. D. Allen Sunday.

John Boyd is working south of Stuart.

J.H. Lay had business in the village yesterday.

Charley Kemp brought some water melons to town the other day.

Mrs. Crause and family left Tuesday evening for Ft. Robinson to visit her daughter.

J.M. Arner and Company's picture gallery has been busy since it has been in Newport.

David Peacock estimates that his corn will yield 40 to 50 bushels to the acre.


"I am prepared to do you good work in the line of carpet weaving and solicit your patronage. Prices reasonable." Mrs. Maggie Trout.

Notice - I want it understood that I must have the money owed me on notes and book accounts past due. Because I do not bill you every month, do not think your account is paid. I must have what you owe me. E.L. Meyers




J. H. Davenport (Surveyor)
C. P. Wiltse (Justice of the Peace)
W. H. Holmes (Attorney)
Fred N. Morgan (Judge)
J. H. Layne (Real Estate and Notary, Flour and Feed)
Smith Brothers (Hardware, Harness, Furniture, Undertaker, Wagons & Buggies)


Mrs. Dodd and father, Mr. Steckle arrived last evening
Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Barr departed for Omaha.

Mr. Ravensdorf of Hammond had business in the village Monday.

The Bryan people hold a meeting at Mariaville tonight for the purpose of advancing the interests of the silver barons and syndicates.

John Hopkins, of Holt County, known as a leading vigilante of that County spent Tuesday evening in Newport, the guest of Dr. Dodd.


Mr. Harry V. Layne of Newport and Miss Lottie Ferno of Long Pine were married in Bassett, NE August 25, 1896 with Judge F.N. Morgan officiating.
The happy bride is one of Long Pine's most estimable young ladies and the groom is an honorable and upright young man, a son of J.H. Layne. Mr. Layne's chosen calling is fireman and railroad engineer and during 1 ½ years service he has always borne a well earned reputation of honest steady and temperate habits, always performing his work faithfully and well.




The Newport schools will begin the first Monday in October.

Mrs. Willering visited at Atkinson yesterday.

Mrs. Maggie Brown was severely kicked in the breast and side by a horse. The bone of the arm was fractured. She is in bad condition but slowly recovering.

Mrs. M.E. Smith gave a birthday party for her little daughter, Mildred Smith at her home Thursday afternoon. Mildred was four years old. Refreshments were served and the little folks had boundless enjoyment.




A new babe was reported at Mel Vargason's.

J.T. Boyd is suffering with a severe attack of the quinsy.

Attend the Grand Festival Ball at Newport the evening of October 2.

Smith, Willerling, Grunke, and Dodd went to Long Pine, Wednesday to attend the funeral of J.E. B. Good.


The sad news was received Tuesday of the death of J.E.B. Good on that day of typhoid fever. Mr. Good had been very sick for a month, but it was thought he would recover. It seemed God's will to sever the slender thread which joined the spirit to habitments of the clay and Friend Good has crossed to the other shore; his work on earth has been finished. The funeral service was held at the Baptist Church, Rev. Tutman officiated. Mr. Good spent the most of his life in newspaper work. He edited a paper at Blair for a few years and moved to the Southwest part of Rock County and took a homestead. He established the Prairie Queen at Newport and later moved to Long Pine where he purchased the Journal which he has owned ever since. He purchased and edited the Ainsworth Star-Journal for 2 years and sold it to the present owner. He was a spicy and entertaining writer and given somewhat to satire and jocularity, but often lapsed into sound and able reasoning, which in clear contrast with his expressions of levity marked his soberness of judgment and ability. Mr. Good had few enemies and perhaps more friends than any other newspaperman in this part of the state. He was an active and tireless worker and was always cheerful. He was an active partisan but his writings were of a healthy moral tone. The deceased leaves a wife and 3 little children to mourn his loss.




Albert Armstrong has returned and wishes to get a house in Rock County again. The Minnesota water does not agree with his family.




August Spann is putting up rye.

Mrs. Bertha Hudspeth is here visiting her parents.

W.D. Bayliss stopped overnight in Newport Monday.

John Nicholson, Dentist, will be at Newport on the 1st and 2nd day of each month.

A new Methodist parsonage will probably be erected at this place in the near future.

Columbus Duncan and Jas. Vargason were in from Mariaville Tuesday Evening to attend Lodge.

Geo. Vargason is putting up a sod house on his old place, where he will live during the winter, that being closer to school.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Faith on Wednesday, October 7, a fine boy, weighing 9 pounds. All are doing well. Frank is prouder than a little boy with his first pair of boots!




Miss Rose Stahl is teaching the home school.

Harry Layne and his wife are visiting the village.

Columbus Duncan has been on the retired list for about three weeks.

It is reported that C.J. Houseman has Bright's disease. We hope not and that Mr. Houseman will soon regain his health.


1846-1896 was printed on one of the frosted cakes at the feast of the Golden Wedding of Grandpa and Grandma Menuey, which was given in honor of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of their wedded life and the occasion of the marriage of their granddaughter, Miss Maud Menuey to Edward Riley, the event occurring on the 14th at the pleasant home of Antonine and Pauline Menuey, the aged bride and groom. The happy event will be long remembered by the 70 guests present nearly all of whom were related to the brides or grooms by birth or marriage. Antonine Menuey the aged groom was born in France in 1816 and his estimable wife, whose maiden name was Pauline Prudine, was born in France in 1830. They were married in Syracuse, New York, December 14, 1846 and moved to Dubuque, IA in 1850 where Mr. Menuey was engaged in the copper trade for a few years when he purchased a farm in Buchanon County, Iowa and moved his family thereon, where he continued to reside until the year 1889 when he sold his farm and moved to this county and took a homestead where he now resides.

There has been born to them nine children: Ellen, wife of Marcus Barns who resides at Marion, IA; Katie, wife of Justin Jardee, who resides in this county; Henry, who resides at Oelwein, IA; John B., Dominique, Frank and Leo, who reside in this County; Francis, wife of G.A. Steggall and Washington both residing in Oelwein, IA. They have 35 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren, all of whom are living and enjoying good health. The aged couple are enjoying good health and appear at least 20 years younger than they really are. They are joyful, full of life, and Father Time with his scythe has no terror for them at present.

The young bride, Miss Maud Menuey, daughter of J.B. Menuey and the groom, Edward Riley are both well known and well respected in this vicinity.

The presents were numerous and highly appreciated by both couple's. The following is a list of the presents;
A fine shirt and handkerchief by Pauline Bruce of New York City.
Gold Breast pin by Ellen Barnes.
Pair of shoes, linen handkerchief and pair hose by Katie Jardee
$5 gold piece - Henry and Washington Menuey
$5 gold piece by Mrs. Francis Steggall
$5 half eagle by G.A. Steggall
2 Silver Dollars by Dominique Menuey
$9 family bible by Leo and Frank Menuey
Bread knife, cake knife and paring knife by Frank Menuey
Gold Band china cup and saucer by J.B. Menuey
Set of glassware by Ed Riley and wife
Set of linen towels by Chris Spragg and wife
¼ dozen brooms with gold clasps by Ed Peters and wife
Windmill to be erected by grandsons, Justin Jardee's boy.
The above were presented to Antonie Menuey and wife.
Presents to the bride and groom were:
finely decorated Cup and Saucer to each by J.B. Menuey and wife, parents of the bride.
Ten Yards of prints by G. Steggall and wife
Set of linen towels by Dom Menuey and wife
Set of silver tea spoons by G.A. Steggall
Set of glassware by Bessie and Julia Riley
One quilt from parents of the groom
One quilt from Mr. and Mrs. A. Menuey
Set of napkins by Mrs. S.G. Sparks
Set of glass tumblers by Katie Jardee
Silver dollar by Geo. Godfrey
A plush head rest by Mrs. G.L. Russell and S.G. Sparks




Mr. G. A. Fox of Newport and Miss Ida Hotskins of Thurman, were united in the bonds of holy matrimony, Wednesday, December 23, 1896 at the residence of C.H. Patch, the officiating justice. Both of the contracting parties are well known to our readers. The groom is one of Newport's most respected citizens and the beautiful bride is one of Rock County's best teachers. The Republican extends congratulations wishing the happy couple a pleasant journey through life, much joy and prosperity.




Frank Hornby had his pockets picked by a visitor at his boarding place near Edgemont two weeks ago.


The weather being fine on Christmas Day, quite a large party of young people, went out to visit the place of H.H. Tyler and incidentally, of course, to try his skating pond. The ice was smooth as glass and a foot thick. There was a party of about 40 of the young people and they all had a merry time, and the young people enjoyed themselves hugely, and Mr. Tyler could laugh and yell as loud as any of them.




Chicken Pox is making its rounds.

A snow storm and gale Sunday and Monday was a forceful reminder of winter. There was no damage done.


A full set of teeth $5 at Alderman's store, 4 days only.




Frank Fox returned from Lyndon, Kansas Tuesday evening.

Dr. McCrosson has had a splendid dentistry practice in Newport.

Hon. E. L. Myers visited the salons of Lincoln, the forepart of this week.

Perry Cline has leased the farm of Mrs. John Boyd for the coming season.

Mrs. A. J. Burke is suffering with dropsy. It is hoped that it may not be serious.

H. Davis writes from Hyannes, that his father, J.J. Davis, now resides in Ainsworth.

Winter is with us again. Snow fell on Tuesday and Wednesday to a depth of about an inch.

John Nicholson, dentist, will be at Newport on the 1st and 2nd day of each month.

Joe H. Davenport has sent for his surveying tools and will do surveying in New York State.

Quite a number of our farmers have been marketing corn and hogs at Newport this week.

Mr. Sprague and Mr. Atkinson have rented a portion of the Lee House and are attending school.

The Newport schools have just received a first installment of 31 books for the public school library.


Delinquent subscribers can pay their accounts in anything marketable at market price, until further notice. Cash is always preferred.

For Sale - Honest John; time 52 seconds. The best running horse in Rock County. G.A. Fox

I will pay the highest market price for hogs at all times. E.L. Myers

Sons of Veterans - J.C. Taylor, Camp, No. 140. Louis Hutton, Captain; Clarence Davenport 1st Sargent - Newport, NE.




Vincent Krziza has a brand new wagon on the wide tired variety.

A little baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ammon on the 7th.

The young people are enjoying themselves skating these fine moon light nights.

John Lanz has recently built a good cattle barn for Bob and Jim Cameron.

Mr. and Mrs. U.N. Hotskin of Thurman visited at A. Smith's on Friday and Saturday.

Rev. Hotskin preached at the Smith/Sybrant schoolhouse to a good sized congregation on Sunday the 10th.

Amos Powell is down from Long Pine visiting with Sam Slattery's.

John Linke has his new house completed, which makes a fine appearance.

Mr. Sale has sold his place of Frazier Lake to Evans Scott.

There were 55 people at the surprise party last Friday evening at the residence of J.R. Ammon. All present reported an excellent time.


E.L. Myers shipped a fine lot of hogs today

Rev. L. Taylor is conducting a revival at Bassett.

Wm Frear and wife were shopping at Newport, Tuesday.

Mrs. Frank Kohle is quite sick and somewhat delirious today.

Yake Kaeft was in the city Thursday and Friday of this week.

The mild winter we have had thus far is a surprise to most people.

Karl Linke and Abe Smith of Perch were doing business in the village, Tuesday.

Dick Powell raised $5 among Newport citizens for relief for A.J. Burke who is nearly destitute and on account of sickness unable to provide.

D. Kleinsmith had some stationery printed at this office Tuesday. Mr. Kleinsmith is engaged in sinking wells by the hydraulic system and has excellent success.


Tweed-Boyd - Mr. Clarence Tweed of Bassett and Miss Belle Boyd of Newport were united in bonds of holy matrimony at Newport, January 18, 1897, Rev. J.W. Taylor officiating.

Bussinger-Dyson - Mr. Ernest Bussinger and Miss Martha Dyson were joined in wedlock, Monday, January 18, 1897 at the residence of Mr. William Frear the officiating justice.


Beanaires Howard, the infant son, of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Taylor at Emporia, KS aged 10 mos. Of long fever and spinal mengitis. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. J. S.Groves and the burial was at the Hunt Cemetery.

A telegram was received at Newport from Green Bay, WI for the family of Mr. James Cooper, reporting the death of the daughter, Lillie. She had undergone a surgical operation, which cased her death. Mrs. Cooper started for Green Bay Monday.

There will be a wolf hunt, Monday Febr. 1, south of town, covering eight miles square. Those desiring to participate in the sport will report to West Fox and Pete Johnson, who are organizing the hunt.


W. H. Holmes - Attorney at Law - Loans and Collections - Notary Public, Bassett, NE

C. P. Wiltse - Justice of the Peace - Legal work will be diligently attended to - Newport, NE.

Fred N. Morgan - County Judge - Homestead and pre-emption commuted - Homestead and pre-emptions proofs taken. All kinds of legal papers made out - Bassett, NE

G.A. Fox - Checkered Front Livery and Feed Barn. We are prepared to give you a strictly first class equipment for your pleasure or business trip, special attention given to commercial trade - Newport, NE.

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